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Unique websites.
Made for you. 😀.



We figure out what pages and features you're going to need, then create a unique design that meets your needs and reflects your organisation/brand values.

All of our sites look great on desktop and mobile devices.


We build your site and your content management system in parallel. When finished, we'll show you how you can update your site and add new content.


It's important that your website is written clearly so that visitors can easily navigate it and find the information they need.

We can review and edit website copy - or we can come up with original text that you can re-use elsewhere.


Visual communication is incredibly powerful, so we want to make sure your images stand out.

We can choose the images for you, edit images that you have on file, or we can create new visuals or photographs for a professional look.

About Us

About Us

Hello! We're Ashley and James. We live on a boat on the English canal network.

Our expertise

Our backgrounds encompass marketing, design, grant-writing, copy-writing, creative writing (writing of many kinds!), photography, website design and software development. In short, we're uniquely well equipped to help you communicate your message to the world and to make it look beautiful.

Our approach

We make bespoke websites; we don't use pre-made templates. That's because for many organisations and businesses, an out-of-the-box approach doesn't meet their specific needs. We build our sites from the ground up to include exactly what you need - whether it's a feature, such as an interactive calendar or a product list, or whether you're looking for an unusual layout. We'll work with you to put together a beautiful, unique, tailored site that does everything you need it to and that you can update and manage easily.

Featured Project - Juliet Murray's Online Gallery

Featured Project - Juliet Murray's Online Gallery

A website that goes way beyond what you'd usually see in a standard portfolio site. We've put in extra details for each picture such as original and mounted dimensions, what format it's available in - and we've even included a visual colour picker so that Juliet can select the correct colour mount to apply to each picture.

We've also used Wagtail's excellent search feature so that you can easily find a specific picture - or you can filter the list by tag. Needless to say, it works beautifully on desktop and mobile.

Juliet's Gallery Site
Featured Project - BearBox

Featured Project - BearBox

This is a new website for BearBox, an access control company specialising in cutting-edge technology.

We wanted to make sure the site stood out with bold colours and movement, whilst also conveying quickly what it is the company does.

The site is available in multiple languages, with a searchable features list and support for video snippets to demonstrate the hardware.



Simple icon Simple

A website that advertises you or your services.

  • 1-5 pages
  • May include features such as a blog or contact form
  • May present a custom data set e.g. a list of products that can be updated
  • We’ll talk about your marketing and your target audiences
  • We’ll create a design based on your branding and colours
  • With your sign-off, we’ll build the site
  • We’ll introduce you to your Content Management System (CMS) so that you can edit the text & images.

Complex icon Complex

A website that goes beyond just presenting data. This will include all of the design and build stages of a simple site, but might also feature options such as:

  • Internationlisation
  • Online shopping
  • Searchable databases
  • Animations and moving elements
  • Analytics integration
  • Complex web forms
  • Integration with third-party APIs

Looking for something really custom? Get in touch!


Writing icon Writing

Until you sit down to write the text for your website, you may not realise how tricky a job it can be.

We’ve had decades of experience writing messaging for non-profits and marketing copy for small companies, so we can definitely help!

Images icon Images

We’ll help you to choose clean, crisp photography or illustrations that communicate your message.

We can also offer professional photography services (dependent on location).

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